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    Solution to "black screen"



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    Solution to "black screen"

    Post by Jikario on Mon Jun 23, 2008 8:31 am


    Yes, ill say ti again.


    Most Pservers update as fast a possible, iv noticed this particular one got v.55 ALOT later than it was supposed to when the patch has been out for a long while. in dud time (unless this server STAYS at one patch when its supposed to eb updated for a long ass time, in doing so making it a sucky server) it will update to v .56

    iv seen so many things saying "dont patch v .56 blah blah blah most pservers stay at v.55 blah blah. i know for a FACT thats not how shit goes down. Maplevio recently got shut down for renovations, know why? theyre updating to v .56 as we SPEAK. the BEST pservers update regularly. and if this one cant do so then give up hope for this server would be too slow to acctualy enjoy.

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    Re: Solution to "black screen"

    Post by HermitDash on Mon Jun 23, 2008 8:37 am

    ACUTALY! There are New Encryptions on the New patches Wz Files. MEANING we Need to DECRYT it to use the Wz Files.

    Other Wise we would have Joined A LONG Time ago O.O (Patch to 0.56)
    Since Odin is Being Sued we cant use the source Files that they release when a new patch comes out.

    The Best Solution would be to just Downgrade.
    How? Search maple story 0.55 Client on any Search Engine.

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