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    Downloading thunderms



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    Downloading thunderms

    Post by teemus360 on Sun Jun 22, 2008 4:02 pm

    hey people im new to private servers and all. thunderms seems the most reliable and funnest. ive already made a game account and a forum account, but when i try downloading the game, it takes me to a blank website page and then says save or open. then i save to my malpe folder, load it, and it goes back to the save/open mini screen. please tell me what to do im confused and i really wana play D=



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    Re: Downloading thunderms

    Post by Xeonblade on Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:22 pm

    you need to have something to support .RAR or .ZIP file, go to google and type in WinRAR, install it and it will work! Very Happy


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    Re: Downloading thunderms

    Post by Voglio on Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:46 pm

    There's a post about this somewhere in the Forums.
    But anyways, Heres how you download it.
    [How I downloaded it]

    1. Go to My Computers.
    2. Click on Drive C. [Thats where it usually is.]
    3. Click on your Nexon folder, and then click on your MapleStory folder.
    4. Click on your MapleStory folder so it turns dark, and press "Copy Folder" on the left side bar.
    5. Go to My Documents, and create a new folder. [Name it ThunderMS to make everything easier]
    6. Open your new folder and right click "Paste".
    7. Download ThunderMS and press SAVE. *To My Documents > ThunderMs
    8. You'll then need to download an extractor. I recommend 7zip, since it's free. I suggest you look it up on google. After you have found 7zip, download it.
    9. When your ThunderMS game download is finished, Open 7zip.
    10. Drag ThunderMS into the extractor.
    11. Go to your MapleStory folder and on the top you'll see an address bar.
    12. Copy the address.
    13. Go back to 7zip, Click on your ThunderMS file, and press extract.
    14. It'll then ask you where you want to extract your file. Click the address bar and right click paste.
    15. It'll then extract.
    16. Go to your MapleStory Folder and your ThunderMS icon should look like the regular MapleStory icon.
    17. Double click ThunderMS and you're READY TO PLAY!

    ~ I hope this helped. =]

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    Re: Downloading thunderms

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