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    [Guide] Getting ThunderMS running


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    [Guide] Getting ThunderMS running

    Post by Sora_145 on Mon Jun 02, 2008 1:48 pm

    I know theres already a guide like this, but I'm bored, and the other one was a little tough to read. I'm also including pictures for this one. So, let's begin.

    I might add more later, but whatever. Rolling Eyes

    To start off, you need to have the MapleStory Global client downloaded.
    Next, you need to download the newest version of ThunderMS.

    Once you have the MapleStory client installed, (This is optional) find your MapleStory folder, and drag it onto your desktop. The folder should be under C:\Nexon. If you installed the folder into another area, you should know where it is. Either way, move it onto your desktop.

    Now you need to extract the ThunderMS file. I believe the file is .rar, so you need WinRAR. Once you have WinRAR installed, right click the ThunderMS file and select extract. Once the folder is extracted, open it. You should find the ThunderMS client inside. Simply drag the ThunderMS client into the MapleStory folder on your desktop.

    Your MapleStory folder should look something like this. Minus the other private servers I have in mine. Razz

    Double click the ThunderMS client to start it up. Create your character and have fun. Remember, don't bother with the stat roll, as an NPC will reset your stats anyway.

    Oh yeah, you also need to register for a game account here. Currently, registration is closed. NO I DON'T KNOW WHEN IT'LL OPEN AGAIN SO DON'T ASK.

    If you can't get on, check the server status here.

    That should be it! Have fun in the game!

    If your still having trouble, you can contact me on the forum, AIM (ChaosSora145) or if you can get on but still have questions, in game (Ichigo).

    Thanks mystery for changing the color of the links. I was too lazy. xD

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    Re: [Guide] Getting ThunderMS running

    Post by Mystery on Mon Jun 02, 2008 1:51 pm

    Nice Guide, but I changed the link xD
    I need rapidshare points <.<

    No time to edit. You should add, that the regs are closed...

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